Katey (thinly) has inspired me to do a personal post about some of my favorite people on tumblr who deserve to be recognized for their awesomeness.
  • Rebecca aka t-r-i-u-m-p-h. You are my absolute best friend in the world. I wish we talked more, but that’s completely my fault because I’m a really shitty friend. You’re so smart and funny and sarcastic and I’m so incredibly jealous of the way you’re so damn insightful about yourself. It kills me a little that you’re suffering so much and I wish I could take all your pain away. I want more than anything for you to be happy. I wish so much that you’d get help again because you really do deserve to be better and be able to move on with your life from all this shit. <3
  • Ilissa aka lovetildawn. You are hands down one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to. I have a secret wish to actually meet you in person one day. You’ve gone through so much and I really hate that about you because you’re so kind and you didn’t deserve a single thing that happened to you. I appreciate your messages more than you know and I’m so bad at replying to the messages that I get, but I always notice how you’ve gone out of your way to be so lovely to me which is something that I will never truly deserve. It bothers me so much to see how much you dislike yourself and I keep waiting for the day when you realize how special you are and that the world needs people like you to make it a better place.
  • n0thingleftinsideI’m ashamed to say that I don’t actually know you’re name and I’m too shy/awkward to ask since it seems like I should know that. However, what I do know is your story (or at least what you’ve shared with me). You’re a perfect example of how some of the worst things can happen to the best people. If I could, I would punish every single person who has ever hurt you- physically or emotionally. You’ve somehow managed to stay strong even in the face of all that is happened and I admire that so much about you. I have no idea how you actually feel, but the way you handle yourself inspires me to try harder in my own recovery. I would like nothing more than to see you fully heal from the pain you’re feeling and live your life to its fullest. I know that great things are in store for you. Please don’t ever give up on yourself. I get so worried about you when I see the things people say to you. I hope you know what bastards they are and they are only lying. It would be a shame if you ever believed a word they say because none of it is (or ever will be) true. I wish people would treat you with more compassion, which is yet another thing I admire about you: How sweet you are to other people even if you aren’t treated the same way back. Just know that you deserve better and that if you ever feel like hurting yourself over something an anon told you, I will gladly strangle them through my computer screen.
  • Lulu aka krankenhaus. Okay, I’m going to be completely honest here: When you started following me back in the good old days, I freaking fangirled like no other. I was amazed that despite how you were tumblr famous, you managed to always be so humble and modest. I know that you think very little of yourself and that you hate compliments. It’s my hope that someday you’ll be able to see yourself the way everyone else does. I wish I could give you the self esteem and confidence that you deserve to have. I feel like you have the inner strength to overcome all that you are going through right now and I hope you’ll be able to use your experiences to help others. I think you’d make a great therapist. You’ve always remember the small details and listened when I needed someone and I truly appreciate you in general. For what it’s worth, I believe in you.
  • Kim aka vamooseI’m not going to even pretend to act like I know what you’ve gone through because I really don’t know and to say anything else would undermine you. This is going to be completely awkward so bear with me, but you’re like a piece of chocolate that’s hard on the outside, but all smooth in the center (told you it’s be awkward) because it seems like you don’t let anything get to you, but you’re actually one of the kindest people on here. I feel like you’re a survivor- things may not have been easier for you, but you adapt and handle yourself so well. I admire your ability to write so well. I wish I was able to morph my thoughts into words the way you do. I think we all just need to face the fact that you’re a fucking princess. 
  • Pamela aka diietandcigarettesWe’ve never really talked the way I wish we could and part of that is my completely lacking ability of talking to people. I pretty much fell in love with you the day I found your tumblr. You were one of the first people who I ever saw speak their mind on here by simply not dealing with people’s bullshit. You and staticbones used to make me laugh so hard that I would nearly pee myself and I always looked forward to seeing your guys’ posts. It always amazed me how someone like you who seemed so well put together could struggle and you helped me realize I was in denial with my own illness. You pretty much inspired me to want to recover. I haven’t talked to you in so long, but I wish you the best and that maybe someday you’ll be able to meet Candice and live in a forest with lots of baby deer~
  • El aka respiras. I feel like I can relate to you so much. You always seem so down to earth and easy to talk to. You seem so protected when it comes to your own thoughts and feelings, and I wish that you didn’t have anything to hide.  From the way you talk, I can see that you’re so respectful of others even though you’re like the queen of tumblr because you’re blog is perf. I think everyone is a little jealous of how amazing every little thing about you is- whether or not you recognize your strength, idk, but everyone else can see it. 
  • Eleni aka enthusiasticallysaneThis list of people could never be complete without you. You’re 100% perfect- you’re personality is flawless and I love how you can be so sarcastic to your anonymous haters (who I fucking hate btw). You don’t deserve any hateful things whatsoever. I know that you’re a caring and sweet person and it bothers me that people would even try to tear you down. I miss talking to you the way we did when I was still new to tumblr. I know a lot has changed since then, but I still know you’re perfect and every single time I see you on my dashboard, I pray that you are able to recover and live a life that is worthy of someone of your greatness.
  • Maria aka eeriemaria. I still can’t believe that your blog was deleted twice. I love you so much, that I’d kick Beth in the shins. But enough of that, I think we need to talk about Pondi. I know how I feel about my dog and I’m so glad you have Pondi. The way you care about Pondi just shows what a lovely person you are. You always crack me up and I both admire and appreciate the way you can use humor to make depressing situations a little less sad. Whether or not you realize this, you inspire those around you to get better through your personal posts and funny stories. I can only hope that you can get better too. P.S.- we need more Chilean slang.

… this list is to be continued tomorrow or at some later date.

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