Wow, how did I forget Don’t cha??

I need help! I’m making a ‘guilty pleasures’ cd for my car and need some ideas for what I should add. Right now I have 

  • My humps - black eyed peas
  • fergalicious - fergie
  • Never gonna give you up - Rick Astley
  • bitch - meredith brooks
  • get busy - sean paul
  • I kissed a girl - katy perry
  • like a virgin - madonna
  • what is love - haddaway

I’m open to most music styles and any generation is fine. Any ideas?

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much- been super busy coaching. I’m mostly working with cute lil 4 and 5 year olds. Honestly enjoying it so much. I mean it’s great because I’m getting some money, but I’d do it for free just because it’s fun to see all these innocent little kids having fun.